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Individuals and families can no longer stand by on the sidelines and pretend that pornography is not affecting them. Your participation is critical to the success of any measure that would cure the Porndemic. The CP80 Foundation is committed to providing you with the necessary tools and resources to help you make your voice be heard!

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CP80 is organizing boycotts, letter writing campaigns, and other activities where you can get involved; your voice influences decision makers to take action.

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Catch the vision by seeing the many others around the world that are supporting the CP80 effort.

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Help other members of Team CP80 by submitting information about how to contact government officials, write letters to the editor, and connect with like-minded groups in your community.

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Tell your friends and family about the CP80 Foundation and how they can get involved to protect their families and communities from pornography.

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Share your experiences of speaking out against pornography in your community. You can also encourage others who have loved ones struggling with pornography, or who are struggling with pornography themselves by sharing your own story.


Connect, discuss, and network with other members of Team CP80 and others who are standing up against the dangers of Internet pornography.

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Through our Contribution Partner Program, you can shop online and contribute to The CP80 Foundation at the same time.


CP80 is grateful for the efforts of individuals, groups, and businesses who have assisted in furthering CP80’s mission.

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The CP80 Foundation is pleased to offer free training to individuals who wish to learn more about the Internet, pornography, current laws and the CP80 Internet Channel Initiative.

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We can help give you a voice to fight porn. Let us give you the necessary tools to help families, protect businesses, and safeguard families against the negative effects of pornography. Speak out and be heard!