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My Struggle with Internet Pornography

Name: Darron

When I was 16 I started chatting on the Internet. I stayed to "kid-friendly" chatrooms, but came across people who asked me if I wanted to "cyber." Being a curious, adolescent male I tried it out. I was exposed to words I didn't know, so I would search for them in search engines. Inevitably all these words brought up pornography. At first I would click away in a hurry. But as time went on, it became easier to let the images sit just a little bit longer. I tried to justify it to myself by saying that I wasn't visiting pornographic sites - I was only looking at stuff available on Google or Now over a decade later I find myself still trying to rationalize it by only looking at things in search engines. I tell myself I'm not really addicted because it only happens every few months. But who am I kidding? I have to hide it from everyone I know. It is a living nightmare. It should be criminal to allow children access to this kind of material. Who knows how long I'll be trapped by it and how long my life will be ruined because of it.

Don't fight it alone

Name: Tyler

I have looked at pornography since I was a teenager, not really thinking anything of it until I wanted to marry a beautiful girl. I soon realized that I was addicted to pornography and for the first time in my life I wanted to really stop, and I couldn't. I had hid my addiction to pornography from everyone including myself. Only when I sought help and disclosed my problem with others did I begin to feel relief. I still struggle with pornography at times, it is addictive! It consumes your thoughts and ability to feel love and true happiness. Let others help you, you can't overcome it alone. Life is so much more fulfilling without pornography. It starts at a young age, do everything you can to avoid it, and if you start to view it stop! and tell someone, it doesn't just go away over time, it gets worse and harder to quit. I believe that I will overcome my addiction one day, my hatred for pornography grows and my need for it dwindles each day. Let someone love you and help you!


Name: Brooke

I am a young mother of 3 little kids under the age 5. Two of which are boys. I have a close friend who has 3 small children. Her husband has been addicted to internet pornography for 8 years now.I watch her struggle to raise her family as her heart aches inside not knowing what to do about her husbands' addiction. She has no choice but to continue living day to day like nothing is going on in their home. Pornography has damaged her husband. He is different and has a hard time functioning in normal settings. Pornography is ALL AROUND. And I am NOT willing to sit back and watch them drown in it. They deserve a better life than to get exposed to that junk. CP80 will help our family life. It will help a worried mother be more at ease. It will help our children have a better chance of living more successful lives, not having this addiction be so accessible. CP80 MUST PASS!!

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