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CP80 needs your help in gathering information to be used by Team CP80. Take a few minutes and enter your congressional representatives, links to local newspapers, radio stations, or like-minded groups in your community. Team CP80 members in your community and around the world will be able to use the information to make their voice heard in the struggle to protect our children from Internet pornography.

Before you begin to enter information please verify that someone else hasn’t already entered that same material. Please fill in as many fields as possible, and remember to identify each entry as either an individual or organization.

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The CP80 Foundation is pleased to offer free training to individuals who wish to learn more about the Internet, pornography, current laws and the CP80 Internet Channel Initiative.

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We can help give you a voice to fight porn. Let us give you the necessary tools to help families, protect businesses, and safeguard families against the negative effects of pornography. Speak out and be heard!