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Pornographers claim that pornography is only criticized because it conflicts with religious values. The truth is studies and evidence indicate pornography use can have lasting social and economic consequences.


Scientists are only beginning to document the extended long-term effects of pornography; however it is clear that it presents a major problem. With the added ability to download pornography podcasts and view pornography on cell phones our children are constantly inundated by this dangerous and addictive drug. Like any other addictive drug it can eventually control thoughts and actions.

Internet pornography threatens not only people with religious and moral values, but also the very health and functionality of our society.


Allowing on-the-job Internet access creates numerous problems for businesses. Companies must purchase and manage a number of different strategies and solutions to keep pornography out of their environment. These efforts are both timely and expensive. If companies take no action to protect their employees from pornography they may be liable to sexual harassment and other lawsuits.

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