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Asking for only voluntary compliance with the Internet Zoning Initiative and other measures meant to protect children would mean we rely solely on pornographers to deploy effective solutions. Past attempts have demonstrated that the pornography industry is unwilling to do so.

The CP80 Foundation supports enforcement of its initiatives through carefully crafted and constitutionally-sound legislation. This includes the Internet Community Ports Act which would require that anyone serving adult-content be held accountable if that content is accessible on the Community Ports. This patterns existing zoning laws in the real world. The Foundation is working with representatives to assist in adapting the ICPA for other nations.

CP80, at the request of state governments has also written legislation that state and local governments can pass to help protect children from Internet pornography. These legislative pieces can be easily adapted to work in any state. Legislation already written includes:

Check to see if these legislative measures have been introduced in your state by visiting the Legislative Action Page. If they haven’t, please contact your local representatives and ask them to adopt these measures to protect children in your community.

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The CP80 Foundation is pleased to offer free training to individuals who wish to learn more about the Internet, pornography, current laws and the CP80 Internet Channel Initiative.

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