Porn leads to 'Problem Sexual Behavior'

Karen Jones, CEO of the Galileo House, a sexual assault service center told ABC News in Australia that she has counseled more than 60 children who display what she calls "problematic sexual behavior." In 2005 17 primary school aged students were suspended in Australia for sexually-related behaviors. Ms. Jones recieves referrals for children as young as six - and says this is a growing social problem "Problem sexual behavior, you're probably looking at say round five years of age, seven years of age when we see it starting in a lot of children and it can keep progressing unless something's done about it."

Ms. Jones says growing abuse and exposure to pornography are to blame. "There's also things like pornography, there's exposure to all sorts of sexual behaviour that kids generally were more protected from early on," she said. "And what we're seeing is kids being exposed to some form of abuse and then acting it out in schools and in other environments with other children."

Created: May 02, 2008 08:23
Last Modified: May 02, 2008 08:23

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