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The CP80 Foundation formulates and advances solutions, strategies, and initiatives meant to evolve the Internet and offer parents better choices for protecting their children from unwanted Internet pornography. From global solutions to home-based help, CP80 has developed the most comprehensive strategies to date.


CP80 provides solutions, like the Internet Zoning Initiative that will better enable technology to serve mankind.


CP80 supports enforcement of its initiatives through carefully crafted and constitutionally-sound legislation like the Internet Community Ports Act.

Internet Governance

CP80 develops strategies for global solutions. Internet governance bodies do and can make decisions that would effectively mandate compliance with policies that protect children online.

Free Training

The CP80 Foundation is pleased to offer free training to individuals who wish to learn more about the Internet, pornography, current laws and the CP80 Internet Channel Initiative.

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We can help give you a voice to fight porn. Let us give you the necessary tools to help families, protect businesses, and safeguard families against the negative effects of pornography. Speak out and be heard!