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Internet Governance

Internet pornography is a global problem that requires a global solution. To date Internet governing bodies have done little to protect families and businesses online. CP80’s strategies and solutions will implement several processes that will enable these bodies to effectively take action against pornographers; particularly in order to manage compliance with the CP80 Internet Zoning Initiative as defined in the Internet Community Ports Act.

Economic Drivers

Publishers who use the Open ports can reduce their liabilities.

ICPA creates appropriate deterents to pornographers that choose to target children or force their speech on those who have chosen not to receive it.

ISPs will compete for the highly-lucrative family and business markets by offering a porn-free Internet access at competitive pricing and superior service.

ICPA provides safe harbors for ISPs and allows an ISP to choose whether to offer a family packages or not.

No longer will non-porn viewing consumers be forced to subsidize porn-viewing consumers—because the average porn-viewing consumer uses a considerably more bandwidth than non-porn viewer.

Websites in non-compliant countries will establish Web presences in compliant countries or will work towards compliance in their countries in order to access the Community Port market.

Reporting Violations

Part of the CP80 solution includes free technologies that would allow an individual to report violations that appeared on the Open channels. The information reported would include copies of the offending content, time and date stamp, URLs, IP address and other information that would allow an individual to take action against violators.

IP Block Management

The world is broken up into IP address regions, similar to area codes and phone numbers. Web sites that exist within a certain region of the world will use an IP address that identifies it as belonging to that region.

If a country does not or can not comply with the CP80 standard, an individual can choose to simply shut-off access to those non-compliant countries.

Free Training

The CP80 Foundation is pleased to offer free training to individuals who wish to learn more about the Internet, pornography, current laws and the CP80 Internet Channel Initiative.

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